We are your one - call logistical solution provider.

No road is too bumpy or too long: do you plan to set up your camp in the dunes or a lodge by the beach? We are your trusted partner.

Transport & Logistics


Transportation is the core of our operation with our extensive fleet of vehicles, 4x4 trucks, cranes, and trailers. To guarantee fast and swift service we’ve grown and continue to expand our fleet. We ensure reliable and efficient transportation for our customers of all sizes, by focusing on reliable transport management of our general and abnormal cargo.

Transport & Logistics


No job is impossible or too big with our unlimited expertise. With our heavy lift transport equipment and trucks, we specialise in transporting abnormal and heavy-duty cargo to any destination in Namibia.


Absolutely.   Our core expertise is general and off-road transportation anywhere in Namibia, and we have the vehicles to get the job done.

Our rates are per running kilometre.  We also take into consideration the type of vehicle required and the road conditions.