A shipping containers’ usefulness depends on its initial condition and the environment and conditions in which it is stored.  We maintain our containers by treating rust immediately and elevating the container on base blocks.  In very moist conditions (reparable) rust will appear within a few years, in dry conditions containers will last 25 years or longer.

  • 3m: L – 3m; W – 2,4m; H – 2.4m
  • 6m: L – 6m; W- 2.4m; H – 2.4m
  • 12m: L – 12m; W – 2.4m; H – 2.4m
  • High cube containers are exactly the same with the exception of height which is 2.7m
  • 3m: 1,3t
  • 6m: 2,4t
  • 12m: 4,6t


We convert containers for any purpose including kitchens, ablutions, offices, bedrooms, shops and more.

Depending on container alterations, between 2 and 20 working days.

From the initial design through the conversion, transportation, and final set up, we manage every step.

The container can be connected to a power linkup or generator feeding plugs, lights, air conditioner and heater. As an off-grid solution we also offer solar system setups.

We have various options to buy or rent. There is rent, rent-to-buy or buy options available.


Standard rental contracts renew monthly, although short-term rental is also an option as we have no minimum storage period.

  • 3m: 15.9 m3 with dimensions of L – 3m; W – 2,4m; H – 2.4m
  • 6m: 33.2 m3 with dimensions of L – 6m; W – 2.4m; H – 2.4m
  • 12m: 67.7 m3 with dimensions of L – 12m; W – 2.4m; H – 2.4m

You can rent a container at our Swakopmund storage facility or have one dropped off at your own premises.

Storage containers are categorised as ‘non-permanent structures’, so in most cases, no. However, it is advisable to consult your local planning authority for storage in residential areas, particularly near a road or junction.

Remote Camps

From one day up to several years, we have no limitation on the rental of our remote camps.

Anything from 1 to 1000 people and more – there is no limit.

No matter how remote the location, we help you to reach your destination and create a home from home for you.


Absolutely.   Our core expertise is general and off-road transportation anywhere in Namibia, and we have the vehicles to get the job done.

Our rates are per running kilometre.  We also take into consideration the type of vehicle required and the road conditions.

Rental Solutions

No.  Anything from 30 minutes to a few hours, days, weeks, or years.

Anything from forklifts to big D7 bulldozers. Cowboys has a diversity of equipment for hire not limited to:

  • 4 and 8t forklifts
  • A variety of ‘cherry pickers’
  •  Construction machinery:  bobcats, bulldozers, excavators, front-end loaders, and telehandlers
  • Trucks ranging from super links, 4×4 trucks to 6×6 trucks fitted with 7t ‘hiab’ cranes and everything in between.

Structural & Architectural Metalwork

You dream it and we’ll make it.  Nothing has stopped us yet!

Steel Construction

We accept personalized small to large-scale requests.