Whether it’s for your business or for personal use, Cowboys provides secure, comprehensive storage services for a reasonable monthly fee.

We have storage facilities at the following addresses:
Hidipo Hamutenya Street Nr.13 Box 1384, Swakopmund

Our facilities include:


Standard rental contracts renew monthly, although short-term rental is also an option as we have no minimum storage period.

  • 3m: 15.9 m3 with dimensions of L – 3m; W – 2,4m; H – 2.4m
  • 6m: 33.2 m3 with dimensions of L – 6m; W – 2.4m; H – 2.4m
  • 12m: 67.7 m3 with dimensions of L – 12m; W – 2.4m; H – 2.4m

You can rent a container at our Swakopmund storage facility or have one dropped off at your own premises.

Storage containers are categorised as ‘non-permanent structures’, so in most cases, no. However, it is advisable to consult your local planning authority for storage in residential areas, particularly near a road or junction.