Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services to clients operating in the remotest areas.

There are some areas of the world where doing business is a lot more difficult than others, and if your business is mining, oil and gas exploration or anything that takes you to remote environments, then there is a good chance you and your people will find themselves in some inhospitable like places. Places like jungles, deserts, coastlines or mountains.

When you are doing business and working in such remote or hostile locations, the right support services are crucial. Cowboy’s are totally geared towards providing the perfect remote working environment, no matter how difficult the location is. We do this by employing a totally flexible model for everything we do and combining this with unparalleled local knowledge.

The combination of our local and off-grid knowledge makes us unique in the area of remote support services and gives us the ability to provide companies with remote solutions that perfectly meet their requirements. Our ability to understand and cater to national and cultural diversities has proved vital in ensuring the smooth operation of remote projects and special events.

Cowboy’s creates the best remote camp solutions and offers the highest level of support for remote camp management in Namibia and Southern Africa. We are experienced in delivering all our services under extreme conditions. We understand the complex logistics of running large-scale remote projects in extreme environments, so we make it our responsibility to coordinate all aspects of the day-to-day camp operations.

With our unique local knowledge and networks, we also manage subcontractors and suppliers, acting as a bridge between your company and the locals. Our goal is to maintain positive cooperation with our clients and a sense of community within the camp.

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