Our metal powder coating services can provide a significant upgrade, as well as cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions.

Powder coating is a finishing process that is applied as a dry powder, fused to the surface of the metal by eclectic charge, then heat-cured to create a smooth coating. This fabrication process improves the quality, longevity (corrosion resistance) and durability as damage to surfaces is minimised. The high-quality finish of powder coating means maintenance and clearing are easy.

Whether a flat, matte-type texture or gloss, high-gloss or hammer-toned finish, powder coating delivers high-quality finishes for easy maintenance, high functionality, and enhanced appearance.

We have powder coated furniture for office and schools, industrial and agricultural equipment and plant, military, and recreational vehicles and so much more.

Our powder coating plant is based in Windhoek. The following items can be powder coated

Heavy Duty Steel Tables, Benches, Utility Boxes, Wheelbarrows, Scaffolding and Walkways & Plastic or Polyshell Chairs | Table & Chairs | Tap Locks | School Furniture